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2014 Summer Sponsorship

Over the summer period Shield Environmental Services has been involved with various sponsorship opportunities, we have sponsored a number of local clubs and sports teams that had approached us to sponsor them for the upcoming season.

Sponsoring local teams is something that we like to get involved with each year, we believe that it is important to show our support for the local communities that we work with and who provide facilitates and the means for people to participate in positive activities.

This year the Exeter Asbestos Removals branch sponsored the Manstow under 14s football team in Ivybridg, Bristol Asbestos Removals sponsored the Warmley Rangers, Shield Scaffolding sponsored Iron Acton FC, our Wales Asbestos Removals branch sponsored the Ystalyfera Rugby club and the Cornwall branch sponsored Camborne Colts RFC.

We would be happy to hear from local teams and clubs in the future for the following season, so if you think there is an opportunity that we might be interested in, feel free to get in touch at

Top Left: Manstow under 14s team, Bottom: Warmley Rangers advertising board, Right: Warmley Rangers kit

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