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5-a-side Shield Football Tournament

The 25th of January marked the third annual 5-a-side Shield Football Tournament. This was held at the Goals Centre in Bristol and is our way of saying thank you to everyone for their hardwork at Shield.

In its first year, the winners were the BD team, then last year the Exeter team won. This year, nine other teams were hoping to steal the title away from the Exeter team.

The event kicked off with two leagues at 1pm, following that, the winners battled it out in a semi-final and then a final between Scaffolding and trophy-holders, Exeter.

The event ran on until 5pm and included a close encounter between thAe Scaffolding and Exeter teams. The winners were announced with a win of 2-0. Well done to the Scaffolding team and to joint Players of the Tournament, Jamie and Kyle from Scaffolding!

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