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About us

Established in 1979, Shield are specialist technical contractors, working across a range of sectors all over the UK.

Our diverse capabilities enable us to complete works for multiple aspects of demolition, construction, engineering and refurbishment projects. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive integrated package for specialist construction works, as well as support and enabling works to complement contractors or individual services. Our expertise covers the removal of all types licensed and non-licensed asbestos materials and the planning and execution of building demolition, soft stripping and remediation of contaminated land. If required, we are also able to provide temporary structures and access by our licensed scaffolding division.

As both subcontractors and principle contractors, we are flexible and can tailor our support to the needs of our customers. We design, project manage and recommend products that meet your requirements or we carry out tasks to fit in with your own plans

We project manage each site, be it new or refurbishment, and create the facilities required for each site to be fully functioning and efficient, all designed to be site specific. Projects are assigned to experienced Project Managers, who are responsible for designing cost effective and efficient solutions while delivering the best quality of work and customer satisfaction.

Our specialist services have also been adapted for the marine industry and we work within the industry safety standards to maintain and develop the vessels efficiency, whilst also protecting passengers and employees.

Our accreditations, memberships and awards are a formal recognition from industry regulatory bodies and a testimony to our focus on Health & Safety.

Shield operates from 12 locations around the UK and is made up from a diverse range of personnel with varying skills and experience. Our employees include operatives, supervisors, administrators, auditors, engineers, technicians, contract managers, branch managers, account managers and both regional and divisional directors.

Our Board of Directors is invested in nurturing the business that began in 1979. We consistently improve our processes and standards, keeping us at the forefront of the industry, and our focus on our people and relationships forms the foundation and principles of the company.

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