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Corporate Responsibility

At Shield, we have implemented policies, processes and strategies to promote positive working and we are committed to continually improve these. Our responsibility stretches from the management structure, through to all our offices and on to the sites in which we work. It is our aim to benefit the community; we are conscious of our effect on the environment, people and surroundings, and we recognise and take responsibility for our actions.


Our company culture promotes awareness of the environmental risks associated with our work. All our policies or strategies are introduced following consultation with a team conscious of their impact on the surroundings and community.

Environmentally, we look to minimise the impact of our work, removing hazardous materials where required. Our waste transfer carrier’s license certifies us to transport of dangerous materials in a controlled manner to a licensed waste transfer station.

Any uncontaminated waste accumulated from demolition works is reclaimed, recycled or reused, preventing landfill and unnecessary greenhouse emissions as a result of waste transportation, working to WRAP protocols.

As Mechanical, Electrical and Insulation service providers we recognise the importance of energy efficiency and its resulting conservation and we undertake works meeting BREEAM criteria where possible.

We are ISO14001 certified, ensuring our company objectives meet environmental standards and reduce our carbon footprint and these factors are considered in procurement decision-making processes.

Our quality assurance system is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001. These certifications are long-standing and have now become embedded in our processes, audited internally by our SHEQ department at least annually and in line with our Internal Management Audit Programme.

Health & Safety

We have an established internal SHEQ department that assesses and audits our ways of working, ensuring that we are operating in line with Health & Safety standards, with a priority on improving the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees and work. Furthermore, our safety culture is taught throughout the company.

Customer service

We deliver exceptional customer service and this is applauded in our company culture, believing that ‘going the extra mile’ with care and pride in our work paves the way for positive future client relationships.

We are transparent, providing upfront costs and scheduling regular review meetings to monitor our performance against set targets. We understand our clients’ market and objectives through collaboration, open communication and trust.

We have set up a complaints procedure to resolve, document and avert future recurrences.

Equality & Diversity

We have a culture of fairness, which forms our ongoing work. Our recruitment processes and personal development plans ensure a culture of equality is implemented and that no employee is discriminated against.

Men and women in our employment are paid equally across our business for doing equivalent jobs. For more information on this, please download our

Gender Pay Gap report 2022.


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