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History and Heritage

Shield Services Group started as Shield Insulation in 1979, formed by Phillip House in Bristol and primarily focused on insulation work. Following legislation increases in asbestos removal, Shield Insulation diversified to offer this service and succeeded in becoming the market leader within the industry, subsequently changing to Shield Environmental Services to fit the increased range of services.

Our presence in the maritime industry dates back to the early days of small teams driving vans to ports around the UK. As a result, our asbestos removal services have expanded into the marine industry, and our marine services, in general, have grown to meet client demands for outfitting and survey works.

Shield expanded into scaffolding services from an industry requirement for specialist asbestos-licensed scaffolding structures. Additionally, our expertise in safety within demolition operations developed our growth within the demolition industry.

To complete the package, Fire & Security and Mechanical, Electrical & Facilities services were added to our skillset, bringing clients a full-house of technical services.

Now in our 45th year, Shield has expanded across England and Wales and offers a more diverse range of services. We have increased our work scope, our projects and sites, our experience and our relationships.

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