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Leonardo Helicopters, Yeovil

Client Testimonials

“Both Shield Scaffolding and Shield Asbestos have carried out separate projects on this challenging project at Building 188, Leonardo Helicopters in Yeovil. The project consists of 37 scaffold zones and associated access stairs, material Hoists and complex scaffold designs.The purpose of this structure was to gain access to the high level roof voids providing a safety deck and working platform to carry out the asbestos roof removal and replacement (by others) whilst working over a live manufacturing environment. Shield Asbestos installed partial enclosures to facilitate the roof removal to each scaffold zone and also utilised the scaffolding to form full enclosures.The full enclosures were to facilitate the removal of the glass skylights that contained asbestos ropes and insulation which were removed by Shield Asbestos.All works undertaken by both Shield Scaffolding and Shield Asbestos were completed on time and both divisions worked very well as a unit.

The works have generally gone very well and this is down to Shield employing excellent operatives, supervisors and managers throughout the whole process/project. I will definitely be using Shield Scaffolding & Shield Asbestos again on future projects”.

Richard Thorne
Morgan Sindall Senior Site
Manager & Project Manager

“For one of the largest project undertaken in the Yeovil sites history, Shield scaffolding has been employed to create a scaffolding working platform to replace the roof and various other associated works for a large manufacturing building. Throughout the project the building is required to function and produce aircraft components without hindrance. This live engineering building has created a very challenging environment for the project works to be completed and especially the creation of a working platform by the scaffolding team.

I will have no hesitation in employing the Shield scaffolding team which has worked on this project. I would also recommend the team for future projects for internal projects or projects external of Leonardo helicopters”.

Ashley Grimstead
Leonardo Helicopters Site Project Engineer

Asbestos Removal & Scaffolding


Shield Scaffolding and Shield Exeter Asbestos, contracted under Morgan Sindall, have been heavily involved on one of the largest projects undertaken in the Yeovil site history. The initial timescale of the project was 12 – 15 months and was subsequently extended to approximately 19 months, starting out in June 2018 and due for completion March 2020.

The project consisted of 37 individual TG20 designed scaffold zones that covered Building 188. Complex scaffold designs in a large manufacturing building that included strategically placed access haki stairs & material hoists that were pre-planned in order to help the project flow.The purpose of this structure was to gain access to the high level areas and to provide a safety deck and working platform to carry out both asbestos roof removals and replacement whilst working over a live manufacturing environment.The scaffolding was also utilised for the safe removals of the glass skylights containing asbestos insulations throughout the 37 scaffold zones.

Working in a live manufacturing and production environment poses challenges for any construction project. For this particular building, the scaffold structure required was complex and needed frequent assembly and dismantling around live works. A specialist independent designer and engineer were engaged to comply with TG20 legislation and to ensure the structure remained safe for the duration.

Once the task specific TG20 designed scaffold structure was assembled, the Shield Asbestos team in Exeter worked within the structure to firstly form partial enclosures prior to the phased controlled removal of the asbestos roof sheets.The highly trained asbestos operatives from the Exeter branch removed the high level glass skylights which included the removal of the licensed asbestos products. All asbestos remedial works were carried out in line with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR2012), and the Licenced Contractors Guide HSG247. These removals were planned with every detail measured to ensure the manufacturing remained operational.The roof structure was then dismantled and removed by the clients roofing contractor. Throughout the project this was always managed with great success.
By the end of the project, a total of £230k of additional scaffolding works and a total of £112k of additional asbestos removals, not included in the original project scope, were completed.

Overall, both Shield Scaffolding & Exeter Asbestos divisions worked collaboratively and as a unit resulting in a hugely successful project.

The total project value was £2.5million.

Read the full case study here.

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