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Trant Engineering, Falkland Islands




Trant Engineering, recently engaged our in-house training team to carry out bespoke contract specific, specialist training seminars on site. Based in the Falkland Islands, Trant Engineering are in the process of constructing a new power station on the islands. The project involves the demolition of the old station, which contains asbestos products such as CAF Gaskets and Bitumen. These products were required to be removed safely prior to the demolition phase of the works commencing.

Employees were trained in the correct use of PPE & RPE, Control Measures, Removal Techniques, Waste Disposal, Personal Decontamination and Emergency Procedures. In addition to this, Mental Health and Wellbeing awareness training was given over the 3 day period. Approximately 40 employees in total were trained over the 3 days.

Our training team can carry out bespoke seminars at your location. Please contact the team on

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