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Crushing & Recycling

We can help you reduce your environmental impact through approved waste recycling practices.

Promoting sustainability, reducing impact and costs

The by-products of demolition works, while being the output of a primary task, serve their own purpose and are a primary concern for us. All waste on our demolition projects is dealt with in-line with current legislation and we strive to minimise our environmental impact and take social responsibility.

Our sustainability efforts follow two methods; onsite material reuse and offsite recycling. Materials arising from demolition and soft strip are recycled and reused where possible.

The benefits of material reuse are:

  • reducing environmental impact
  • reducing the costs of waste transportation to a waste disposal site
  • reducing the costs of materials to import

We recycle as much as possible to minimise landfill and our operatives segregate all resulting waste materials, such as wood, plastic, metals and hard core at their source, onsite for efficiency and to save time and money.

We have a 97% recycling target of materials arising from our demolition works and as Members of the Green Accord Scheme, we set targets to minimise landfill waste amounts per project.

We use our own mobile crusher to refine the concrete bricks, blocks and stone left from a demolition project into re-usable aggregate. Crushing reduces costs for ‘building waste’, for export and import of materials for the new building, thereby promoting sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.

Any salvageable items, including steel, offer an amount of ‘credits’ or a cost-neutral solution for you which is built into the initial quotation. Items that can be recovered include architectural salvage, natural roof coverings, natural wall and flooring stone, timber, steel and non-ferrous metals.

Any materials that are not suitable for reuse can be recycled and we transport separated waste to specialist waste recycling facilities.

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