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Eleven Years Of Progress For Shield Scaffolding Services

March Sees Shield Scaffolding Celebrate Its Eleventh Year In Operation

In March 2013, Shield Services Group took its first steps into the world of access and scaffolding.  The initial focus was on delivering small residential and construction jobs as the team began to learn ahead of taking on its first sizeable project at the former Terrex site in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, in December of the same year.

Jamie Angell, Shield Scaffolding Services Managing Director, commented, “It’s great to reflect on the journey that we are on, especially when you look at the projects which we are currently delivering and tendering on.  It would have been a steep learning curve for us to be on at the time as there were only four operatives within the team, but the focus was on safely delivering high-quality work which exceeded the client’s satisfaction. 

The former Terex site was our first licensed job, providing licensed asbestos scaffolding access for Smiths’ Asbestos removal teams, and a far cry from the award-winning work that we are delivering these days.

We have grown so much from the days of a team of four.  We are now an NASC-accredited operator with 34 operatives and an office team of 6 supporting them.  Back in 2013, we were turning over £80k and this year’s projection is to move towards £4 million, but our core principles of operating safely and delivering high-quality projects, for Category A main contractors, remain firmly the same.

You can view details for the former Terex site here.

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