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In-service Maintenance

Our riding squads are available to carry out maintenance works while a ship is in-service.

Improvements while you continue operation

Our workforce is chosen from experienced tradesmen whose careers have developed specifically within the marine sector; working regularly from one contract to the next on-board and abroad, and whose proven reputations for skilled work supersedes them. Our Thermal Insulation Engineers (TIEs) have often been employed by Shield following industry subcontractor work.

Our Project Manager joins the riding squad on board for the entirety of works and is responsible for the smooth running of the project. Depending on size of the works and team, the riding squad is led by discipline-specific supervisors who report to the Project Manager.

Each individual in the riding squad is provided with a Plan of Work and Risk Assessments to read and sign before proceeding with the project. During the project, they receive guidance from the Supervisors and daily toolbox talks.

The client’s Chief Engineer oversees the works, and communicates with the Project Manager throughout the project to ensure client satisfaction.

We arrange all the administrative details and logistics. Following quote approval, notice is required to arrange for the timely transport of materials with variable lead times, sent to the client’s preferred location for their further transport, which we ask them to provide.

The project team is scheduled and we arrange their transport, paperwork, passports, PPE and insurance. Individual subcontractors will have specific insurance arranged. Hand & Arm Vibration screening and health checks are carried out to identify underlying issues, which are recorded.

We regularly monitor and document employee health and keep their records up to date. We also regularly document noise and tool usage on projects for Health & Safety standards.

Our teams plan and work around other trades, ship’s crew and passengers during works and are conscious of the client’s priorities and customer service.

Deadlines are met through good planning, although a change of scope is understandable and depending on the individual case can be accommodated.

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