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Introducing Shield’s Exeter Team

Exeter branch continues to play a strong role in the South West

Following their office move, we recently introduced you to the team at our Birmingham branch.  We would now like to take the opportunity to reintroduce our Exeter team, led by Jackie Logan.

Q.  How long have we had a branch presence in your area?

A.  “In 2012 we amalgamated our Plymouth and Taunton branches into one office with an ideal location in Exeter to strengthen our presence across Devon and down to the South coast. We have been providing critical asbestos services ever since.”

Q.  How many people work for the branch location?

A.  “We have a strong team working from Exeter, with two Contracts Managers, a Framework Manager, an Office Manager, Storeman, our ten site guys and Myself. They are a great team to work with and are core to our success.”

Q.  Which local causes/charities do the branch look to support?

A.  “Although it’s focused on our neighbours over the county line, we focus most of our charitable efforts on the Pirate FM Toy Drive!! We have always had a strong relationship with the team in our Truro office, so we like to support them as best as we possibly can.”

Q.  What are the typical customer/sector types that you service from the Exeter branch?

A.  “We have always had strong relationships with customers across the Housing Association, Healthcare and Education sectors. We also support other clients with their Construction and Demolition contracts, as well as private householders.”

Q.  What made you choose the asbestos/construction services industry?

A.  “Ha, I didn’t choose it, it chose me! In 1987 I took an admin job for a small asbestos company in Plymouth and have never left the industry. I have been really fortunate to work with some great people, and the services that we provide have a great impact on people, buildings and the environment.”

Q.  What changes have you seen during your time in the industry?

A.  “I have seen a vast amount of change since 1987. Health and Safety have seen the most significant improvements, and thankfully the whole industry is now far more regulated. To help support that, the improvement in IT systems that allow us to manage and control these highly regulated works has really been of benefit.”

Q.  What are the biggest challenges that face the industry?

A.  “Good reliable labour is a significant challenge, as there doesn’t seem to be the flow of new blood into the industry that there once was. Asbestos removal is a rewarding career but it can be challenging, especially compared to a desk-based role.”

Q.  How are you looking to develop the branch to meet our customers’ needs?

A.  “Although it is a challenge, we will definitely be looking to recruit more people to join our team in order to support the growth of our business. Alongside that, we will continue to focus on our Safety First approach, as this benefits both our clients and our team members.”

Q.  What’s the most enjoyable part of your role?

A.  “I love the work winning part of my role. I am still highly motivated when it comes to business development, and I love to chase down a contract and bring that client into our branch. The desire to remain a top asbestos removal specialist within our region is really strong.”

Q.  What sets Shield apart from the competition?

A.  “Shield has a strong pedigree within the industry and has been around since 1979, which is longer than most of our competitors. We have numerous customers who have been with us for many years due to the professionalism and safety focus that we demonstrate as standard. We don’t compromise when it comes to our customers.”

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