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Mesothelioma Patrons’ Breakfast

Shield Environmental attended an annual event of the British Lung Foundation’s; a breakfast morning at their offices in central London, where their patrons hear about the BLF’s work over the year.

Shield Environmental, as silver patrons and with a lot of involvement in fundraising activities such as the RideLondon event, were invited to attend the breakfast, so Tom Cuffe from the BD team went along to their office on Goswell Rd.

The event was informative, with the BLF updating their delegates on the research activities undertaken to progress investigations into the treatment of Mesothelioma; it is estimated that 60,000 people will die from Mesothelioma over the next 30 years. The BLF also informed us of the work they have carried out bringing mesothelomia to the attention of the public and the government.

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