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New Offices for Shield’s Birmingham Team

Shield has invested in bigger and better offices for our Birmingham branch as we look to support further our operations across the Midlands

To celebrate the opening of our new Birmingham branch offices and warehouse, we got together with Richard Begley, Birmingham Branch Manager, to find out more about him and his team.

Q.  How long have we had a branch presence in your area?

A.  “We have had a presence in Birmingham since 2010, and have improved our premises as our the members of our team have increased in order to continue to meet the service levels of our growing customer base.  Our Birmingham branch is now core to our UK operation.”

Q.  So what prompted the move from your previous location?

A.  “We’ve been in our new offices since just before Christmas and had to make the move from our old location as we had simply grown beyond its capacity. Due to our growth across the midlands, we have taken on more members of the team across all of our functions. It has always been important for us to be together as a team and the new premises provide us with the space and quality working environment to do that. It also allows us to provide training for both our customers and our teams, in a great learning space.”

Q.  How many people work for the branch location?

A.  “At present, there are six of my direct team working from the branch, focussing on asbestos removal, but we will also be providing a location for our M&E team to be based, as well as teams from our Sword Building Services division.”

Q.  Which local causes/charities does the branch look to support?

A.  “Now that the premises are fully operational, we will be turning our attention to how we can play a part in the local community. Right across Shield, it has always been important to play an active role in the community, and we will review how best we can do this, and which causes provide a great fit for us.”

Q.  What are the typical customer/sector types that you service from the Birmingham branch?

A.  “We cover all types of projects, anything from a domestic single car garage up to large demolition projects. We have a strong presence within the Housing Sector and carry out a lot of work for numerous associations.”

Q.  What made you choose the asbestos/construction services industry?

A.  “I was working for a demolition company that carried out their asbestos removals and found myself focussing on the asbestos projects. I enjoyed the nature of the work and the challenges involved, especially with such a dangerous material. I’ve been with Shield for nearly seven years, and it was a natural step to join the market leader in asbestos removal.”

Q.  What changes have you seen during your time in the industry?

A.  “Ultimately the job is the same as when I started, the actual process of the removal hasn’t changed much. The really important changes have been around the control of the process and the adherence to legislation, ensuring that all aspects of the process are carried out to minimise risks to all of those involved. The way that Shield plans, executes and manages each job is the best that I have experienced, especially the way that we look to embrace technology.”

Q.  How are you looking to develop the branch to meet our customers’ needs?

A.  “No question that one of the biggest developments will be the opening of our own Waste Transfer Station. This will improve our operational efficiencies and bring further control to the disposal process, whilst also helping to reduce our mileage related carbon footprint. I am also looking forward to the implementation of our new IT system which will allow us to go paperless, and provide greater benefits to our key accounts.”

Q.  What is a typical day like for you?

A.  “Busy! but I am sure that is the same for all of our branch managers. We do our level best to provide each of our customers with the best possible service, especially as there are such sensitivities around the Asbestos material that is often at the heart of every job. We always take care to provide the right levels of assurance, as jobs are monitored and executed properly to ensure compliance.”

Q.  What’s the most enjoyable part of your role?

A.  “The Team – We have a great set of people who work here at the branch. Everyone gets on and wants to help each other. In my experience, it is unique to Shield that this team approach goes across the whole business, and if you need any help or advice it’s there for you.”

Q.  What sets Shield apart from the competition?

A.  “I believe that we care for our clients and the projects that we are working on for them. Throughout the business operationally we have a brilliant work ethic and a can-do attitude.”

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