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Shield Marine offers a turnkey “Interior & Exterior” outfitting service to all maritime sectors.

We manage refurbishment projects and renovate cabins and wet units, upgrading vessels to comply with current maritime safety and environmental regulations.

We have long-established supply chain partnerships with the “best in class” enterprises to provide you with a top solution.

Quality fittings and furnishings for vessels across the globe

We offer complete outfitting services to all types of vessels, managing every project from start to finish. Every project is unique to the ship and our fittings and furnishings are available in a variety of styles and finished in-line with the vessels particulars, purpose and design. We use marine-approved MED (WheelMark certified) parts where required, and our industry experience ensures that we are complaint with current legislation.

We offer deck-head and bulkhead solutions alongside all the necessary utilities to furnish galleys. Additionally, we can fit wet rooms, doors, port lights, living quarters, spa rooms and swimming pools. Wet rooms or communal spaces can be manufactured to bespoke requirements or as ‘knock-down’ modular units using hygienic easy-clean, IMO-approved panel systems.

Our flooring options are diverse and we can install Astro-Turf for cruise ships and games areas, fit low or high use spaces with carpets and coverings and install resin deck options suitable for both interior and exterior decks.

As just one of the examples of our commitment to our services and clients, we have developed a new GRP panel system using marine-approved materials, creating a robust and weather resistant alternative to other more corrosive options.

We have extensive partner and supplier associations and as such, we can create savings throughout the ship’s life and use alternative products through industry best practices. Our wide range of parts and accessories can be coded with your unique ID number to ensure continued support for spare parts.


Resin decks and laminate
Vinyl in different styles
Timber decking
Carpet and astroturf
Screeding to level up floor surfaces


Using sustainably sourced materials, furniture can be manufactured in our fully equipped workshops, bespoke to client requirements and adhering to marine regulations.
Utilising materials sourced via the Forestry Stewardship, we reduce both the clients & Shield’s environmental footprint.

Soft Furnishing

Our upholstery offering includes; cushions and curtains and uses IMO tested and rub-tested materials from industry approved suppliers. Our chosen suppliers have become long-term providers following consistent, time-tested positive results and rigorous testing. We are ISO 17020 accredited and work to UKAS, MCA, DNVGL, Lloyd’s register, MED and Defence standards (DEF-STAN), incorporating all class standards as required. We also ensure that the materials used comply with the fire safety standards required by SOLAS regulations where required.

The outfitting team consists of skilled in-house employees and our experienced, preferred craftsmen each bringing specialist skills that include: joinery, tiling, flooring, and marine-approved wallpapering. Crucially, all members of this team are marine sector specialists within their trade.

We use RINA-accredited naval architects for any structure related design requirements, providing plans that adhere to the maritime standards, specifications enabling us to produce an entirely compliant space on-board.

A programme of works is scheduled and carried out in accordance with Health & Safety procedures.

Each project poses specific challenges in this reactive indutry and we have to consider these factors; whether that is emergency requirements offshore where transportation of materials is via helicopter, reduced access involving deconstruction and reassembly of components or simply, adverse weather conditions; we aim to resolve all these and more.

We ensure quality of work is safe-guarded through our practices and processes:

  • Communication between the team and the client ensures all aspects have been considered for the clarity of job specifications and planning.
  • We carry out end of works fault inspections, ‘snagging’, with any issues completed before the client signs off our work.
  • Documentation detailing the client’s sign off completed works follows the client’s inspection. ‘Before and after’ documentation of our work ensures our quality standards are recorded.
  • After care is provided – following project completion, the area is covered and taped up, protecting it from further works and potential damage.

Operating within the Marine industry since the eighties, our portfolio of projects and offerings has expanded. Our experience and knowledge of marine requirements and classifications is valued by present and past clients.

Originally focusing on working ships, offering asbestos removal and supporting ferries across the southwest, Newcastle and Southampton, our current work activities accommodate all outfitting aspects, insulation, fabrication and surveying, and we are one of the few licensed marine resin deck installers in the country.

Every enquiry is different, so every solution is unique and tailored to meet the client’s needs. Our working method is a two-way conversation with the client and their contracted trades to ensure we plan and deliver the best results and minimise disruption to everyday operation. Collaboration guarantees work runs smoothly and that the chosen finish meets and surpasses expectations and standards.

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