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Energy Policy Statement

In keeping with our corporate policy of continuous improvement, Shield Environmental Services Ltd are committed to responsible energy management and will practice energy efficiency throughout all our premises, plant and equipment.

Shield Environmental Services Ltd will focus on achieving the objectives of this policy through the implementation of energy management projects that minimize the economic burden on the organization through the adoption of efficient environmental and financial management strategies.

This policy signifies Shield Environmental Services Ltd’s commitment to control the level of energy consumed in the provision and delivery of its services by realizing ongoing savings in energy operating budgets and quantifying and publicly reporting on those savings and the consequent greenhouse gas emissions

The organisation’s objectives are:

  • To reduce dependence on fossil fuels through energy conservation and efficiency practices. Establish the last 12 months as the baseline year
  • To reduce expenditure on energy by investing in cost-effective plant and equipment upgrades that has a simple payback return on investment
  • To reduce pollution, particularly CO2 emissions, by reducing energy from less greenhouse intensive sources.
  • Includes a commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the organisation subscribes related to energy use, consumption and efficiency.

An Energy Management Team will be established to identify and drive energy efficiency initiatives and to provide an integrated organization-wide response to energy management.

Develop an internal communications strategy to raise staff awareness of Energy Efficiency.

Establishing an energy accounting system that allows for the collection, monitoring and reporting of all data on energy consumption, energy costs, energy savings and key performance indicators (KPI).

Immediately implement no-cost / low-cost Energy Conservation Measures.

Develop an energy-efficient purchasing policy for office equipment, office accommodation and for energy sources.

Improve energy efficiency continuously by implementing effective energy management programs that support all operations and customer satisfaction while providing a safe and comfortable work environment.

While the Chairman will have ultimate responsibility for Energy Efficiency, the development and implementation of the energy policy will be delegated to the Energy Management Team.

The Energy Management Team is expected to seek funding opportunities available to achieve the policy objectives.

Energy Efficiency activities will be subject to ongoing reviews. The Energy Management Team will review the policy and action plan on a regular basis and present recommendations for changes to the Managing Directors/Chairman for their consideration.

The Energy Management Team will monitor and report on energy, greenhouse gas emissions and Carbon Footprint.

This policy shall be reviewed on an annual basis.


Authorised by:        Luke House – Chairman – Shield Environmental Services Ltd

Date Reviewed: 31/05/2023

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