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Refurbishment & Soft Strip

Our services include strip out and enabling works that retain structural integrity, vital in refurbishment projects.

Control and care ensures safe stripping of superficial elements

Soft strip works follow once the building or site has been made safe. The technique is incorporated in extensive demolitions and superficial refurbishment projects.

Soft strip works extract the specified elements of the internal structure of a building. Soft stripping can be utilised for a full building or on demolition work where a sections of a building’s structure need to remain. Taking demolition in stages ensures further control and reduces damage to structural elements as per a planned and agreed proposal of works.

Our demolition and soft strip techniques adapt to meet the required elements needing to be removed as well as the environment. Our operatives and supervisors have been trained and are experienced in identifying undiscovered structures and materials and will leave these undisturbed.

Hand demolition ensures only the surface layer is removed without damaging the structure, leaving a shell and a blank slate for future refurbishment.

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