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Safety First

Our safety initiative is taught and promoted across the company to encourage consciousness of and responsibility for our own and others’ safety. By adopting the Safety First initiative, we promote a positive culture throughout the business, providing confidence and positively reinforcing safe behaviours.

Our Safety First principles ask employees to:

  • Follow the rules, always working safely.
  • To intervene in unsafe situations and to help each other
  • To respect others

Our Safety First policy applies to all employees across work sites and in the office. Our four ‘c’s approach promotes the right culture within the business:

  • Communication
  • Control
  • Co-operation
  • Competence


Shield employees are aware of the obligations and procedures for themselves and others, and who may be affected by their actions.

Clear communication is established on all projects. Prior to project commencement, the potential risks to Health & Safety are identified, preventative and protective measures for those risks are put in place, emergency procedures are considered and individuals with a role within the Health & Safety management system are announced.

Communication across the company and with other trades working on our sites is promoted through induction training, formal training, signs, notices and posters, toolbox talks, face to face communication, memos, emails, handouts and regular Safety First meetings.


We ensure the appropriate Plans of Work (POW) and Risk Assessments are compiled and the correct measures put in place to control risks and ensure they stay controlled.

Our employees are provided with the right information, training and competence to carry out their duties. Easy-to-follow information is supplied to employees making them aware of the hazards and risks affecting them and the measures we have put in place to control the risks, detailing emergency procedures. Instructions and expectations onsite are clear, Health & Safety training is relevant and effective, and there are appropriate levels of supervision with clear reporting lines.


Consultation and co-operation is crucial to efficient and safe working. Employees are consulted regularly on Health & Safety and welfare matters, working arrangements, hours of work, improving workplace productivity and processes, change in work practices and the management structure.

Internal communication is spread through team meetings, newsletters, memos and emails, social media, Health & Safety representative meetings.

Cooperation prevents misunderstanding, enhances efficiency and productivity, and has built a highly motivated team of employees dedicated to their work and our clients.


We encourage self-development and advancement of professional skills, we believe development promotes wellbeing at work, improves job satisfaction and confidence. We invest in employee training allowing development of skills and knowledge to undertake their work professionally.

Employee performance and behaviours are valued, recognised and rewarded.

Competency of our workforce is monitored through audits by our Compliance team, appraisals and external, third party auditing.

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