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“Saving Shieldhall” Project: Progress Update

Shield Environmental Services have completed the removal of old insulation on board SS Shieldhall and are now in the process of applying new Marine Insulation.

The work will see newly fitted insulation throughout the boiler room, uptakes, external deck areas including the funnel, steering gear room and in the engine room, the work is scheduled to be completed on 29th November 2013.

The project scope requires us to replicate the traditional look of the heritage ship wherever today’s regulations allow and accordingly the new insulation will be covered with linen applied with a PVA adhesive to give the insulation the appearance of the traditional lagging which will then be painted to match.

Photo Above: The Shield team on board SS Shieldhall. Dave Pearce marine division manager is in the high visibility coat with the insulation engineers also in high visibility to his left. Tim Evans Southampton Asbestos branch manager is to the right of Dave Pearce with the Insulation removal team to his right.

Photo Below: The ships engine room



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