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Equipment Servicing & Testing

We offer maintenance and testing services for masks and asbestos removal equipment from our specially designed decontamination facility based in Bristol.

Safe equipment for safe works

As a company that specialises in asbestos removal, we need safe equipment that complies with the industry standards and continues to comply after use. Our in-house Testing & Maintenance team was developed to maintain and repair our own equipment so we are confident in the knowledge that our equipment was meeting standards and providing us with the safe tools to complete our works.

Our Testing & Maintenance team offer the following services to companies and organisations around the country:

  • Face fit testing – Quantitative (PortaCount) testing
  • Mask leak testing & servicing
  • Mask maintenance training
  • HEPA filter D.O.P. (dispersed oil particulate) tests for negative pressure units and H-Type vacuums
  • Air flow testing to negative pressure units (NPUs)
  • Maintenance of H-type vacuums and negative pressure units
  • Decontamination of H-type vacuums and negative pressure units
  • [HEPA filters of Decontamination Units (DCUs) that share the same NPU fan units.]

All HEPA filter-containing items require a six monthly test, which is completed by our Testing & Maintenance team.

Our Testing Engineer has the reputable ‘fit2fit’ industry accreditation developed by the British Safety Industry Federations (BSIF) for carrying out face fit testing. The mask tests and equipment tests ensure that equipment is safe for use and up to standard for purposes such as asbestos removal as per CAR2012, lead as per Control of Lead at Work (CLAW) and Hazardous Substances as per COSHH.

Any faulty equipment is immediately repaired, serviced and decontaminated by our Testing Engineer who is certified by the manufacturer to repair respirators, negative pressure units and H-type vacuums. We also carry out decontamination of equipment in our HSE-licensed, purpose-built decontamination chamber (clean room).

For more information on Face Fits, PAT (portable appliance testing), DOP (dispersed oil particulate) and Air Flow testing please contact us our Testing Department on 0117 960 6366.

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