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Contaminated land left untreated threatens both environment and health. Shield expertly tackles demolition land remediation projects to create safe and reusable space.

Land remediation

Contaminated land left untreated threatens our environment as well as exposing individuals to potential health risks. We have the experience and capability to tackle demolition land remediation projects, creating a safe and reusable space.

As each contaminated site is unique, knowing the previous use of the site will help determine the risk of any potential contaminants. Based on the information supplied and gathered, and allowing for the intended end use of the land, we can then assist in deciding which remediation techniques are appropriate, and supply alternative proposals.

After we evaluate the data, we draw up a cost-effective remediation strategy, complying with all legislation. We take into account ICRCL (Inter Departmental Committee for the Redevelopment of Contaminated Land) and water quality, as well as any risk assessments that may have been carried out previously.

Demolition Land Remediation options may include treatment of contaminated soils on site or disposal off site. Once the appropriate remediation option has been chosen, we prepare a detailed proposal and costing for the client. The preferred option is to remediate and treat on site, taking into consideration time constraints and size of the site; all possible options are considered before the disposal route off site option is taken.

Our Demolition Land Remediation services include:

  • Identification of suitable remediation measures
  • Segregation and safe disposal of hazardous materials
  • Reclaiming useful and valuable land
  • Ensuring compliance with legislative and environmental requirements.
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