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Access Control

We can design and install simple or advanced access systems to allow controlled access to and from your premises.

Automated and Monitored Doors

Access systems are continuously changing and being updated with new technology and we aim to offer the most up-to-date systems to fit in with your requirements.

Simple systems include connection to a personal computer that monitors the activity at your entrance. We also offer systems with varying levels of restriction such as ID cards and a reader which allows individual monitoring, anti-passback systems that will recognise and prevent an unidentified individual from exiting and biometric retinal or fingerprint scanning at entry and exit points to provide stringent security measures.

All our access systems work in combination with our fire systems, CCTV instalments and intruder alarms, hence, in the event of a fire, doors can be coordinated for both swift egress and automated closure to isolate the fire. Additional features such as a fire role call can be emailed to a smartphone or device while the fire alarm goes off, triggering an automated call-out at the fire station.

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