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Fire Systems

We offer fire alarm installation and maintenance of all fire systems, including fire detector heads, break glass alarms, wiring and panel controls.

The complete fire safety package

Fire safety measures are essential in any environment where the public have access and it is in our interest to protect the public, buildings and sites from fire risks. We work with you to install the necessary fire systems to help reduce potential fire hazards and help in early detection.

We can install stand-alone systems, designed to work without a PC or Building Management System (BMS), fully integrated systems that are created to work with your existing networks and infrastructure as well access systems and BMS for additional safety in an emergency. All these can be tailored to suit your specific requirements

Our fire systems can meet all levels of coverage required, from the most stringent level 1 to the minimum level 5. Additionally, our fire alarm products can detect fire via either heat, smoke, carbon monoxide or combination detection. Specialist and complex solutions are also available to allow for sampling and monitoring of the levels of carbon monoxide emissions during a fire. These systems are installed in clean environments such as lift shafts, under floors and voids at data centres.

Once your fire system is installed, our engineers will run a full system and product test to ensure it meets to required levels of compliance and safety.

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