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Shield has a 40-year-old history supplying and installing quality insulation products across the country. All of our site team members are trained to the standards outlined by the Thermal Insulation Contractors Association (TICA).

Insulation for efficient systems

We have over 40 years’ experience offering insulation services and are one of the leading service providers nationwide.

Our extensive expertise enables us to provide a more tailored solution to your project alongside a comprehensive end-to-end management service. This includes recommending bespoke and appropriate insulation, advice and guidance. Alternatively, we can also provide products for pre-determined specifications.

Our service offering includes thermal fire protection, fabrication and fitting of bespoke ductwork for ventilation systems, trace heating systems for efficient regulation of water temperature within pipework, core insulations, insulation protection and cladding systems.

Our Thermal Insulation Engineers are highly qualified, holding CSCS cards and also receive insulation-specific training such as BS5422 installation, to TICA standards. Additionally, our insulation engineers receive in-house training and safety briefings and hold relevant passes for work in sensitive areas.

Safety is our priority and our onsite Supervisors are SSSTS trained and management teams hold SMSTS certificates to ensure safe working on construction sites. Furthermore, our work practices are always evolving to improve Health & Safety.

We ensure we keep up-to-date with current techniques and technologies and work with leading industry suppliers to ensure the highest quality product.

Our clients range from small one-man operations to internationally recognised corporations, crossing both public and private sectors, across the country.

Compact heating solutions for pipe systems

We offer thermostatically controlled trace heating systems for frost protection on external pipework services and temperature maintenance on internal single line hot water systems. Our trace heating systems are self-regulating and ensure pipes do not freeze and burst. Trace heating is crucial for internal single line hot water systems as it combats legionella and ensures the system runs more efficiently.

The installation of Trace Heating is an intricate and measured process and requires specialist training to ensure an accurate and efficient system is put in place and our team have the necessary qualifications and experience to install these as required. We can supply and install Trace Heating to any premises, from water treatment works sites to schools.

We work with industry-leading suppliers to source our trace heating cables. This ensures a high-quality product for your project, specific for purpose and pipe material. For every project, we will consider power sources, quantities of tape for pathways, large pipes or removable aspects and junction box locations. Trace heating systems can also connect to the Building Management System (BMS) if required.

Thermal & Acoustic

Insulation to maintain consistent temperatures and control condensation. High-quality acoustic insulation products to cut vibration and sound transmission.

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Insulation accreditations

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