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Hazardous areas & Renewable energy

Our Mechanical & Electrical projects go further than day-to-day services also comprising of work in developing technologies and high risk environments.

Specialist skills and engineering for an evolving world.

In addition to the essential, everyday mechanical and electrical services required for a functional and habitable building, our specialist engineers can also install and maintain these services in more ‘out of the ordinary’ environments. These can include hazardous environments with explosive atmospheres that could pose huge risks when undergoing any installation or maintenance works. We work with these specialist sites to ensure they are made ‘intrinsically safe’. Our specialist team have additional specific training, namely NICEIC ‘Hazardous Area’ and ‘ComPex’ training, to be able to carry out works in these areas, so you can rest assured that your requirements will be carried out safely and to the highest standards.

Our portfolio of services now also includes green energy solutions. As part of the design phase, we will assess the requirements and if applicable, will offer a greener, more energy efficient solution for your project, acting as your project manager for installation and commissioning.

We can also install solar or thermal Electrical Vehicle (EV) charge points, solar power or photovoltaic panels.

Renewable / green energy is a developing industry and we ensure all our engineers are kept up to date with the latest technologies, techniques and practices to offer you the best possible solution for your project.

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