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Every project has its own specific requirements and some are more complicated than others.
We work together with you to plan the entire scaffold process, highlighting and addressing any challenges right at the start.

Complex projects and challenging surroundings

Our extensive experience covers a wide range of buildings and purposes, within numerous sectors. Our scaffolders are advanced CRB checked and have experience working in sectors where this is a requirement.

In our experience, different environments can present challenges and we take care and consideration during our planning phase to minimise our impact on the surroundings, whilst always prioritising safety for the public and our people.

We maintain a duty of care to all the buildings and spaces that we work in. Structures erected around older or listed buildings are done so with capped poles and buttressing, minimising the risk of damage. Any public space structures are treated with equal care and we work with local Councils to adhere to their regulations and licenses. Safety is our priority and we ensure the safety of the public by putting up suitable barriers and signage and varying our times on site around busy periods. We also ensure all our structures are weather protected for all seasons. This enables us to deliver a safe structure, on time and within budget.

Scaffolding structures for ships, marine vessels and dockyards requires a more measured approach due to confined spaces and access and our team will join riding squads to work aboard on tour.

Scaffolding for Asbestos Removal

All our scaffolders licensed asbestos scaffolders training and have knowledge of asbestos removal techniques. This means your specialist scaffold requirements for licensed asbestos removal will be safe and secure for the duration of your project.

For non-licensed asbestos removal projects, we follow normal scaffolding assembly procedures, from which asbestos operatives can install the enclosure. Once the removal is complete, our team will dismantle the scaffold structure in a safe manner.

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