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Shaun Morgan awarded Aspire Values Award for July 2016

Congratulations to Site Supervisor, Shaun Morgan, who received the Aspire Values Award for July 2016 from Mike Boon, Construction Director for Aspire Defence.

Shaun was nominated for an Aspire Values Award by Michael Gilligan, Section Manager for Aspire Defence Capital Works, for his vigilance and commitment to ensuring that all operations around him, including those carried out by other contractors, were being carried out safely.

Working at Purvis Lines, Larkhill, to remove asbestos from assets due for demolition, Shaun noticed some fragments of material under an old ground floor concrete slab that may have contained asbestos. The demolition operation ceased and a sample of the material was tested. The test proved positive confirming the presence of undisclosed asbestos below and within the ground floor slab.

A new regime for removal of the slab was implemented ensuring the safe removal of asbestos containing materials.

Pictured – Dean Howe, Shield Regional Director (left) and Mike Boon, Aspire Construction Director (right) presenting Shaun Morgan with the Aspire Values Award.


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