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Shield Asbestos Consultancy Training department becomes IATP accredited

Shield Asbestos Consultancy Training department have become an accredited member of the IATP (Independent Asbestos Training Providers). In order for Asbestos Trainers to become an IATP member each company must undergo an audit, ensuring that the level of training provided is to the high standards expected across the industry.

The IATP helps people find Asbestos Trainers who are certified and audited so that the standard of training and information that the attendees are receiving is relevant and up to date with industry best practices. Without this link provided by accreditations, people looking for relevant asbestos training could potentially end up with sub-standard training and miss vital information on the dangers of asbestos.

We are supporting the IATP with their involvement in the British Lung Foundations “Take 5 and Stay Alive Campaign” through a donation and offering additional resources. The campaign is targeted at making trades people fully aware of the dangers involved with asbestos and what precautions can be taken when coming into contact with a suspect asbestos containing material. The campaign is trying to prevent the diseases and lung problems associated with asbestos, such as Mesothelioma.

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