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Shield Asbestos Services Achieves Three-Year Licence Renewal

Shield Services Group’s Asbestos Division Has Received a Three-Year Renewal to Perform Licensed Asbestos Removal

The licence has been awarded with zero conditions and is the maximum any contractor can obtain. This secures yet again the division and its role at the heart of Shield Services Group, and further cements our position as industry market leaders.

Paul Lillis, Managing Director of Shield Asbestos Services, commented, “The renewal process is always a key moment, not just for the Asbestos Division, but the Group as a whole. It is always great to get this over the line and provide the division, its staff and our customers with the assurance of another three years of working with Shield.  My sincerest thanks go out to all of the team involved in delivering this renewal for us.”

The licence, which is awarded by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), is set in place as work activities relating to asbestos have been identified as having a significant risk and being of public concern. Asbestos is classified as a category 1 carcinogen, with asbestos-related disease causing around 5000 deaths every year in the UK. Working with asbestos requires a high degree of regulatory control and the purpose of licensing is to achieve this. Shield’s asbestos contractors are all fully trained and work to the very best practices, delivering safety to themselves and the public.

Claire Morgan, Shield’s Group Director of SHEQ, commented, “I am delighted that we have received this renewal, especially as it comes with zero conditions in place.  The effort from everyone to get this over the line has been significant.”

Dean Humphreys, Shield Asbestos Division’s Technical Director, reflected, “As a Group, we always look to adopt the best practices, and this is crucial with our Abestos works. This three-year licence renewal will allow us to continue to invest in the best ways of working to ensure total safety to our colleagues and customers.”

Luke House, Chairman of Shield Services Group, stated, “This is an outstanding result for us as a Group, and with the people involved in delivering the licence, I never had any doubts that it would not be achieved. Huge Congratulations and well done to Paul Lillis, Dean Humphreys, the Asbestos Advisory Board, Helen Barrett, Claire Morgan, and every single person in the Asbestos Division. Your commitment, effort and quality have been rightfully recognised and rewarded, what a team!

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