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Shield become Silver Patron of the BLF’s Mesothelioma Patron Scheme

Shield are proud to become a Silver Patron of the British Lung Foundation’s Mesothelioma Patron Scheme.
The Patron Scheme has been set up to provide funding for research, guidance and support to those diagnosed with the deadly lung cancer.
Around 2,300 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma each year and while relatively rare, the outcome is poor. The UK has the worst published mortality rates in the world for mesothelioma, due to high asbestos use by industries and businesses in the past.
The Patron Scheme is designed to encourage sustainable funding for research into mesothelioma, looking into areas such as early diagnosis and care, as well as efforts to find a cure for the lung cancer.

“As a company we work tirelessly to prevent the future generations contracting diseases caused directly by Asbestos but also feel it is imperative we support those who have not been fortunate enough to be protected from the risks associated with such a dangerous product.
It is our hope we can go some way to helping BLF in their plight.”
Luke House, Managing Director

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