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Shield Helps To Brighten Town During Festive Period

Shields Asbestos Services’ Cardiff Branch Helps to Light Up Port Talbot

For nearly ten years, Neath Port Talbot County Council has not had the funds to pay for the festive Christmas decorations within Port Talbot town, leaving it to volunteers, with the help of community donations, to provide a festive feel. Following last year’s tree, described as ‘Sad and ‘Dead’, Aberavon RFC has taken a leading role in improving things, alongside local resident and fan, actor Michael Sheen, who agreed to match donations pound for pound.

As a supporter of Aberavon RFC, when Shield heard about the drive to brighten up Christmas for the residents of Port Talbot, we just had to get involved.

Dean Howe, Group Business Development Director, who is based out of our Cardiff branch, commented, “This year, with the uncertainty over the future of the Port Talbot Steelworks, putting extra pressure and uncertainty on the local community, and Shield employees with family members working at the works, we felt it right to help with a donation to fund this year’s Christmas lights, including a Christmas tree outside of the Civic Centre in Port Talbot

Barry Lewis, Operations Director for Wales, said, “We know that times remain tough for families, and this seems to be worse at Christmas, so the opportunity to help spread some light and joy around the community of Port Talbot is something that we had to get involved with.

Since our inception, Shield Services Group has always supported good causes and those in need of assistance.  Helping the disadvantaged is a core part of our values and reflects the family way in which we operate.  Since 2021 we have been measuring all of our Social Value activities to demonstrate the positive impact that we have across our various office and project locations.

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