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Everything will be ‘ship shape’ as Shield Marine Services partner with System Hygienics


When it comes to ventilation and ductwork cleaning you may not immediately think of the Marine industry as having a major requirement. The truth is that sea-going vessels – such as ferries, light ships, aircraft carriers, minesweepers and even submarines – have many ventilation systems in operation, ensuring a constant supply of clean, fresh air to crew and passengers. What’s more, these systems tend to be in very confined spaces with little in the way of clear access, so carrying out any form of works on them requires the very specific skills of a specialist.

At System Hygienics we have carried out many major projects within this sector, utilising the full breadth of our experience in operating where access conditions are restricted. Our industry-leading innovations such as our ‘JetVent’ method of cleaning and disinfection, has made it possible to offer verifiable results every time, even when the ductwork surfaces being cleaned were challenging to reach.

This kind of expertise is why our latest strategic partnership with Bristol-based Shield Services Group is set to be a game-changer in the field of shipping maintenance.

Shield Services Group are experienced technical contractors with a strong, recognised specialism within the Marine industry. They provide a wide range of services including the upgrading of vessel exteriors, outfitting, contract management, engineering, insulation and fabrication, hot lay-up maintenance and hazardous surveys.  From their 12 UK offices they are capable of handling just about any marine-related works, be they off shore, in dock or even out at sea via their in-service maintenance offering.

Together, System Hygienics and Shield Services Group will be able to provide the client with a truly end-to-end service from one convenient point of contact. With each company concentrating on the area where their expertise lies, the end result will be comprehensive, professional service offering total peace of mind.

Owner and our Managing Director at System Hygienics, Mark Poultney is very excited about this new strategic partnership, saying:

“Whether it is pre-commission cleaning or the disinfection of ventilation systems which have undergone repair or refurbishment – maybe even the regular cleaning of galley kitchen extracts – System Hygienics will be adding the finishing touch to the Shield service. It’s a win, win, win situation as both companies plus the clients are set to benefit”.

Derek Lewry, Marine Operations Director at Shield Services Group said:

“We are proud & excited to announce this new partnership with System Hygienics for Ventilation and Ductwork maintenance, we now find ourselves in the enviable position of holding the capability to offer a full suite of quality services to our valued clients in the marine sector”.

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