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Shield Marine Services Rolls Out First Commercial EV

First Commercial Electric Vehicles Help To Reduce Carbon Footprint 

Shield Services Group has been focussing on how the use of electric vehicles can help to reduce its carbon footprint.  The evolution of EVs has meant that electric and hybrid cars have been in use for some time, but challenges have always existed about the practical use of EVs when transporting heavier loads.  We are delighted to announce the roll-out of our first commercial EV within our Marine division, where electric vans can be fully utilised due to their conditions of use.

Darren Saville, Fleet Manager at Shield Services Group, commented, Road traffic currently accounts for nearly 40% of the UK’s overall greenhouse gas emissions, so making the switch to electric vehicles is going to be an essential part of our own journey towards net-zero.  By switching away from fossil-fueled vehicles we have an exciting opportunity to drive improvements in air quality that will benefit the health and economy of our working areas.  At Shield, we have taken the first steps towards this journey with the purchase of our first commercial EV, to join our already established fleet of EV/Hybrid cars

Shield Marine Services MD, Derek Lewry, commented, “Sustainability has become a huge area of focus for Shield Marine Services, and we have been focussing strongly on how we can help our clients to reduce their carbon footprint through good product selection and refurbishing, so it made total sense for us to embrace commercial EVs to facilitate our works.”

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