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Shield Services Group announces monumental structural changes

Shield Services Group announces Founder and Chairman Phillip House to retire and Managing Director Luke House to become Chairman.

Specialist Technical Contracting Firm Shield has also announced a major restructure of the business and a number of senior appointments. In new roles for the Group, each Divisional Director will step up to become Managing Directors for their individual divisions, with the current Board of Directors taking on more advisory responsibilities, which leaves the day-to-day operations to the new MD’s.

Established in 1979 as an Insulation service provider, Shield Services Group is Headquartered in Bristol with 12 regional branches across the UK. A family company with a family ethos, started by Phil House as a way to provide for his then, young family; wife Sue, daughter Becky and son Luke. Shield has grown organically from strength to strength and now offers a more diverse range of services, with increased scope of works, projects and sites.

Turnover has grown from £26m to £37m in just 6 years and the group now has an ambitious growth strategy in place.


Founder and Chairman, Phillip House says: Over the last six years and under the guidance of Luke as MD, Shield have maintained profit year on year despite diversifying into new sectors. Going forward I can see that the new sectors will become more established and grow in strength under the new Managing Directors’ guidance.

When Luke took over the MD role 6 years ago, we agreed that I would become the Chairman of Shield – in a semi-retired position. I now feel – especially with the huge changes to health and safety, the environment and the new PC world that we live in today – it was time younger minds took the lead with their new ideas and enthusiasm. Having been Chairman now for six years and with the progressive diverse changes that have been made, I find myself unable to give advice with confidence, therefore I know it’s time to step aside and retire fully.

I believe that Luke has made a great decision with regard to the new structure of the business, diversifying into new sectors comes with new skill sets, who better to manage and direct those new sectors than the head of each individual Department? Allowing the head of each department to become MD of their sector will allow them to make decisions based on knowledge and experience. We are, and always have been, very fortunate to have good people at the head of each division – all of whom have proved to be knowledgeable, committed, hardworking and honest. Through the most difficult year any of us has ever faced, they have not only kept their place in the market but excelled and grown!

I have 3 key points of advice for the new MD’s:

  1. Respect and look after your team.
  2. Always listen carefully to the client and try to exceed their expectations.
  3. Cherry pick your work.

Finally, although I’m retiring from Shield my days will still be full.  I will still be involved in the construction of the new units we intend to build at Warmley and Golden Valley and have property interest in Devon. What I most look forward to is spending as much quality time as possible with my seven grandchildren.

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend”.

Current Managing Director, Luke House commented:

Firstly I’d like to wish our founder Phil House a long and happy retirement, and once again extend my thanks for the opportunities he has provided us all in the Shield family.

Today is a monumental day in Shields history – never has there been such a huge sweeping change in the structure of the business.

There are several reasons behind the new and exciting structural changes, aside from Phil’s’ retirement. The Pandemic has shone a light on the performance of the leaders in each division – their skill sets and ability to adapt were fully exposed and each of them proved beyond doubt they were entirely ready to be empowered to take full ownership of their respective divisions.

Despite the ever increasing competitive market we operate in, the business is flourishing and we have propelled away from the survival mode of the last 12 months. This again is attributed to the new MD’s and the teams supporting them. Each Managing Director has been given the autonomy to select their own individual advisory boards from within their own businesses and the further reaches of the Shield group. The individuals chosen will be involved in all key decisions and will have the platform to be instrumental in all the necessary changes to allow further growth and prosperity of their respective divisions.

This is the most exciting chapter of the companies history to date, and will enable us to achieve what we have set out as our ongoing strategy of organic growth and strength in each of our services offerings.

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