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Shield Services Group Joins the Lighthouse Club

Shield Strengthens Its Focus On Mental Health By Embracing A New Inclusive Initiative

Shield Services Group has joined the Lighthouse Club as it seeks to continue to provide access to mental health support for all of its employees. To help launch this key initiative, rollout sessions led by Joanne Robb, Mental Health First-Aider and Luke House, Chairman of Shield Services Group, have taken place across each of our branch locations so that the important message about employee assistance could be delivered face-to-face.

Joanne Robb, commented, “The challenges to our work and private lives are becoming more and more significant as a result of many events beyond our control.  We have to do as much as we possibly can to provide our colleagues with assistance programmes that are relevant and responsive to their individual needs, and Lighthouse Club does exactly that.”

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is the only charity that provides emotional, and financial well-being support to construction workers and their families.

They provide a free and confidential 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline which is a free Employee Assistance Programme for the industry. The 24/7 helpline is complemented by their free Construction Industry Helpline App which is the ultimate self-help tool.

Luke House reflected, ” Replacing any existing programme is challenging but we felt that with the Lighthouse Club‘s focus on professionals within the construction industry, there were far closer synergies with our group of services. The assets and support that they provide are first-rate and I am delighted that we are part of such a focused initiative.”

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