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Shield’s expanding Scaffolding provision

Since May 2013 we have been offering licenced asbestos scaffolding from our Bristol Branch. The service initially began as an added value service offering from the Bristol Asbestos Removal contract’s managers, but as demand for the service increased, scaffolding became big enough to become its own standalone provision.

The steady growth of the scaffolding service soon steered us to look for a dedicated scaffolding manager, we wanted someone who has had years’ experience in the scaffolding industry and understood the requirements of scaffolding projects from start to finish; at this point we took on Jamie Angell to fill the role, Jamie has worked in the Scaffolding industry for 6 years.

Due to Shield’s cross selling ability and existing client base, we have so far carried out scaffolding projects for clients such as Accolade Wines, Asbestos Contractors, Smiths & Gloucester and Bath Demolition.

The scaffolding team not only build licenced asbestos scaffolding enclosures to suit a client’s needs, but also offer a range of bespoke complex access scaffolding structures to the clients specification.

As the service develops we will continue to look for new client’s and strategically plan the best direction of growth into new sectors, something for us all to keep an eye on!

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