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Supporting Armed Forces Personnel With Careers In Construction

Shield Services Group Supports BFRS In Military2Construction Event 

On Thursday 13th July Daniel Rogers and Simon Collins represented Shield Services Group at the British Forces Resettlement Service Military2Construction event held at the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovilton.

The event aimed to support service leavers, reservists and veterans looking for employment opportunities, re-training or future careers within the construction sector. Members of the Armed Forces Community possess highly relevant skill sets which are ideal for roles in construction. Military2Constcution provided the ideal networking environment for those interested.

There was also a Live Streamed bespoke Q&A session with representatives from each of the exhibitors, where Daniel Rogers (shown second from left) had the opportunity to present how Shield and its various divisions can assist.

Dan reflected, “It has been a fantastic event for both Me and Simon to attend as we have met some great Armed Forces Professionals who no doubt have the ability to forge a strong career within the construction sector.”

Since our inception, Shield Services Group has always supported good causes and those in need of assistance.  Helping the disadvantaged is a core part of our values and reflects the family way in which we operate.  Since 2021 we have been measuring all of our Social Value activities to demonstrate the positive impact that we have across our various office and project locations.

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